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How Soft Skills Training Boosts Productivity & Profitability

In LinkedIn’s 2018 Workplace Learning Report, they highlighted that the number one priority for developing talent is soft skills training.

According to a study by Boston College, Harvard University and the University of Michigan, soft skills training in areas like communication and problem solving boosts productivity and retention by 12 percent, and delivers a 250 percent return on investment based on these increases.

The Hay Group reports that managers who incorporate soft skills into their leadership approach can increase their team’s performance by as much as 30 percent.


Immediate Problem Solving

Soft skills training helps your employees to look at their problems in a creative way.

The ability to address their own problems will help save time and money. Taking care of small issues on their own gives the employee a sense of autonomy and aids in productivity for the overall company.


Create a positive workplace culture

Your people are the most important part of your organization. To keep them engaged, it’s important to create a positive work culture, and soft skills are an important component of that environment.

According to, 80 percent of workers agree that having the opportunity to learn new skills at work makes them more interested and engaged in their job. By investing in your employees’ professional development, you are taking important steps to engage them.


Prepare your employees on the Critical skills required for success in 2020s

YAccording to the World Economic Forum, the top 10 skills needed by 2020 are:

  • Complex problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • People management
  • Coordinating with others
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Judgment and decision-making
  • Service orientation
  • Negotiation skills
  • Cognitive flexibility
  • None of these skills are hard skills; they are all soft skills. To position your organization for success in the future, you should invest in your employees’ professional development with a particular focus on soft talents.


    Better Interpersonal Relationships

    Communication is a huge part of being a good coworker and employee. Soft skills training offers instruction on how to get along better with those around you. Any form of discontent between employees is toxic. It spreads out beyond the people who are directly involved to create an atmosphere that isn’t conducive to productive work.


    Improved Time Management

    Many employees need help to figure out how their time is best spent. This could relate to prioritizing their responsibilities, organizing appropriate break times, or any other of the many decisions an employee has to make throughout the day. And proper time management has a drastic effect on a person’s overall productivity.


    Reduction in Conflicts

    Occasional conflicts are bound to come up, even with an improvement in general interpersonal relationships. Employees often work in close quarters for long periods of time. It’s human nature for emotions to eventually spill over. And while this might be natural, there are many different ways to handle these situations.

    The ability to de-escalate these conflicts before they become larger problems is a great asset. This helps the employees to avoid a negative experience at work. It also helps the company to avoid a serious Human Resources issue. Employees are much more productive when they aren’t battling each other.


    Make Good Employees Better

    Every employee can benefit from improving their soft skills. This is true for brand new employees as well as employees that have provided faithful service for years. There is always room for improvement in how we handle tough situations. We can also frequently use a realignment of our priorities, viewpoints, and how we handle various situations..


    Increased Adaptability

    Problem-solving skills can benefit an employee in many ways. We’ve already discussed how beneficial it is for an employee to be able to think creatively to address problems. Soft skills training also helps an employee to adjust themselves to new developments, tasks, or even complications in their daily duties.


    Navigate different working styles

    To help your organization thrive, your staff needs to understand how to work effectively with one another, and to do that, you need soft skills. Soft skills are what allow us to understand the working preferences of others and flex our approach to navigate different styles.

    Soft Skills Training from Action DnA

    • Personality Development
    • Communication Skills
    • Public Speaking Skills
    • Spoken English
    • Personality Development
    • Communication Skills
    • Public Speaking Skills
    • Public Speaking Skills
    • Spoken English
    • Personality Development
    • Communication Skills
    • Public Speaking Skills
    • Public Speaking Skills
    • Spoken English

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